About St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute was founded in 1968 by James P. Gills, MD. Dr. Gills made many, many innovations to cataract surgery over the years and in 1974 he opened St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs. At the time it was the nation’s only free-standing ambulatory surgical center for cataract surgery. James Gills is a pioneer. He helped take cataract surgery from stitches, patches, sandbags and overnight hospital stays to where it is today … a no-stitch, no-patch, outpatient procedure.

After decades of success in the Gulf Coast region of Florida, The Villages approached St. Luke’s regarding opening an eye care clinic and surgical center within the community to serve its discerning residents.

In 2012, St. Luke’s at The Villages opened under the direction of cataract surgeon Kimberly Ireland, MD. Dr. Ireland was personally selected to lead the practice by James Gills, MD and his son Pit Gills, MD (now the president of St. Luke’s).

Dr. Ireland was an ideal match for the role because she had prior experience in private practice as well as leading a large-multi-specialty group in Wisconsin. She distinguished herself as a progressive cataract surgeon, much like James Gills, MD. She also shares the Gills philosophy of exceptional patient care and highly predictable outcomes.

Dr. Ireland is currently the most sought-after cataract surgeon in The Villages. She performs manual and laser cataract surgery and she’s known for her very effective outcomes with few, if any, limitations following surgery. Dr. Ireland has over 20 years of surgical experience.

In 2016, St. Luke’s at The Villages hired John Gooch, MD. Dr. Gooch served 28 years in the US Air Force and held several esteemed roles including Chief, Aerospace Ophthalmology at the US Air Force Aeromedical Consultation Service. He was also Chief Consultant to the US Air Force Surgeon General for Aerospace Ophthalmology, and a Chief Flight Surgeon with over 1,000 total military flying hours in both fighter and transport aircraft. He retired from active duty in February 2014 at the rank of Colonel. Dr. Gooch has over 20 years of experience in private practice.

Dr. Ireland and Dr. Gooch are accepting new patients. Our state of the art facility is located at the corner of Old Mill Run and Old Camp Road in Sumter Landing and is golf cart friendly.

In order to serve even more residents of The Villages and points beyond, we will be opening a second clinic in the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood in 2020. This facility will serve patients seeking general eye care, cataract surgery and specialty eye care.

We look forward to serving you here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, just as we’ve served generations of Floridian families.

James P. Gills, MD
Pit Gills, MD & James Gills, MD
James P. Gills, MD & Kimberly Ireland, MD
John Gooch, MD & Kimberly Ireland, MD
Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood